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Journey to Wellness Art Show

2020 NAMI WRV art show

Every March, we host a “Journey to Wellness” art show where all mediums, all levels, were part of the art show, and the theme was what your interpretation of your journey to wellness may be. Whether it be a standard oil painting, a culinary discovery, or a ceramic bowl, were on display on what you feel like your path to wellness. We ask for donations in any medium or whatever your creative mind can think of. We will also accept any donation that you choose to contribute to the silent auction.

In May of 2017, NAMI WRV sponsored its first-ever Art Event, “Starry Night,” in 2018 we shared on our “Journey to Wellness,” and last year, our theme was “Bluebirds” for our teen support group. Each of these shows has been a resounding success. This year we intend to build and expand on this success by including many more of our local artists. The NAMI WRV arts committee consisting of Poo Wright Pulliam, Marie Stewart, Kirk Anderson, and David Rau ask you to please join NAMI WRV in this year’s art show to end the stigma on mental health challenges in our community.

“I am grateful for the natural world around me and that I have the ability to put brush to paper as well as teach about birds and wildlife, sharing my passion with others.  Being in nature is my solace.”  Poo Wright Pulliam

“I am grateful for a lifetime of pursuing my passion in artistic, creative endeavors. I am held captive to the unlimited possibilities of expression using paints, fabrics and or beads, etc such as bringing to life my love for yoga as a deep spiritual practice.”  MARIE STEWART

“I practice gratitude every time I get the chance to paint, I lost the ability to paint with my right hand, and after some trials and (many) tribulations, I am grateful that I can still paint using my left hand”.  DAVID RAU

“I was traveling in Australia and noticed painted blue trees, they honor those we’ve lost to mental health challenges & suicide and is called “The Blue Tree Project”.  I am grateful that I was able to capture these works of art yet the message was clear, the community wanted the viewers to know it’s ok to not be ok, to seek out help, get treatment, get support, and that‘s what NAMI provides in our community, with their support groups. The Bluebirds, the teen support group promotes “even when you’re feeling down and blue remember you will fly”.  I have such gratitude that we have these resources in our community and I can capture these emotions with my camera.” KIRK ANDERSON